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I’d like to share a  little information with you that will allow you to get a sense of the person behind the posts and blogs that you will read here. I am in the middle years of my life now and really excited to have found Wealthy Affiliate at this time. After many years working in the Healthcare System, I retired and was at a loss as to where to go from there. I wanted to learn something new and be able to be financially independent for the rest of my time on this journey we call Life. 

Then I found WA and it turned my life around completely. I found something I loved my entire life that could be used to earn extra income and to help others as well as myself. I’m sure I had heard of affiliate marketing, and making money online but, I had no idea of the opportunities available to anyone who had an interest in supplementing their income. 

Wealthy Affiliate met all my goals and much more. I want to share this with you so that you will be able to achieve your dreams and goals also. If you need extra money for whatever reason, I recommend Wealthy Affiliate highly. It works for everyone, stay-at-home moms, seniors living on a fixed income and college students. If you can carry on a conversation you too, can do this. Because that is what writing is, choose a subject you are interested in and share it with others.


I hope to hear from you and look forward to it. If you want the answer to solving your money issues, my friend, reach out and grasp this opportunity with both hands :)) My wish for you is health, happiness, and peace of mind.


You can email me @ riley.roman@aol.com, and you are welcome to come inside Wealthy Affiliate and learn more. Please leave comments below if you would like to give feedback or have questions.  ~ Hope to see you inside ~


Stay Humble & Kind,

riley roman