Ways to Make Money with Blogging

Ways to Make Money with Blogging:

Today I’d like to share with you six ways to make money with blogging:

1) Affiliate Programs

2) Adsense Ads & Other Advertising Programs

3) Building a List

4) Amazon Products

5) Relevant Advertisers

6) Create own Product


Affiliate Programs:


Some of the best :

ClickBank, Commission Junction, ShareASale, (BlueSnap used to be Plimus) and Market Health



Adsense & Other Ad Programs :

Another great way to make money online, you sign up an account with Google Adsense, after approval you can log in and get Ad Code that you add to your own website. After you add ad code, the ads will show up in your posts/pages or your sidebar. 3 ad blocks for each post or page, customized to your theme and your content.

Plug in “Quick Adsense” makes it easier to add the ads where you will want them. Other Ad Programs that are very good are Media.net, kontera.com, Infolinks.com, Chitika.com. * Must have your own domain, but once approved you may add to other domains such as siterubix.com.

Building a List :

An additional way to make money with your blog or your website is to build a list by capturing your visitor’s email addresses. This allows you to keep in contact with visitors to your site. One of the easiest ways to do this is to offer something in return for the email address, a free ebook, a trial offer, etc. etc. 

Stay in contact and collect emails using a program/software that does it for you automatically, a few good ones are Aweber, MailChimp, and Mailerlite. All will keep track of emails, follow-ups and broadcast emails to different lists.


Amazon Products : 


If you like you can opt to get various products from Amazon.com. A physical product gives your audience a lot of options to choose from. Also, when you add products from Amazon.com you will receive a commission on all products your visitor buys when you send through purchase. If you target the more expensive products such as Televisions or Cameras, for example, if your visitor buys a 1200.00 TV, the commission will be 48.00 with 4% commission. Also, any product they buy will give you your commission, not only the targeted item.

Relevant Advertisers:


Once you have established traffic to your site you might want to contact relevant companies to ask if they would like to advertise on your website. OIO Publisher is a plugin that automates the process. You add blocks where you want them, advertisers click on them, sign up and payment can be done through PayPal. Or you can go with a company like buysellads.com that will connect website owner and advertisers.


Create Your Own Product:

After you have some experience under your belt, you may wish to create your own product. There is training on this issue by Carson, one of the co-founders of Wealthy Affiliate 

I hope you have found some useful information in my article and I hope you will be able to implement the six ways to make money with blogging. The training available in WA is awesome and followed step by step will lead you to success with your blogging.

Thank you for visiting, any questions or comments please leave in the comment section below. Please keep coming back for updates that will aid you in building your online business. I wish you the best in all that you do…. remember, keep a gratitude attitude in all that you do! For more info as to how to start making money online Click Here.



  1. Carole

    Hi there, I just found your site as I am looking to make some extra money online. I hear a lot of times Affiliate Program and I see that you just mentioned it here in your article but I don’t see any description. Can you explain to me what is Affiliate Program?

    • Hi Carole, thank you for reading my post ” Ways to Make Money with Blogging”, Affiliate Programs are one way to make money online,
      a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliates own marketing efforts.Affiliate marketing is one of the most effective and powerful ways of making money online. I hope this answers your question, please feel free to ask any questions you may have.

  2. Thanks for sharing. I am especially interested in learning about building a list. These programs/software that you mentioned are they difficult to set up and are they free. Which one do you recommend from the three?

    • Hi Kenis, thanks for visiting my site and taking the time to leave a comment for me. I have not set up an automatic emailer yet, but, of the three I would choose mailerlite. I read a lot about mailerlite and it is free up to 1000 visitors, not sure of the cost after that, I will recheck my facts and add to my post, I appreciate your questions and triggering my mind to do that….thanks so much, riley

  3. Hi Riley,
    In your opinion, does one need to own an Amazon product in order to sell it on line through their website? Do you have to write a review on this item? How will people trust me that it’s a good product if I don’t write a review?

    • I do not believe one has to own the product to give a reliable review. I would advise doing a thorough review of what others say about the product, then give your own review.If you’ve established trust with your audience they will trust your review.

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